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Chromanik started in year 2005, is a technology driven company and is competent in its performance with any other brands which are available in market. We are glad to inform you that we are Indian channel partners/distributors for M/s. Chromanik Technologies Inc., Japan who is the manufacturer of only HPLC Columns, Guard Columns and consumables.

Chromanik columns are listed in and



Core-Shell Column


SunShell column has not only an inert surface due to inactivated silanol groups but also high stability because end-capping improved for core shell silica was done.


SunShell 2.6µ column can be used on both HPLC and UHPLC because it shows 2 times lower back pressure than sub 2µ column.


SunShell C18 2.6µ sized 100 x 4.6mm has the same performance as a totally porous C18 5µ sized 250 x 4.6 mm, so that the same separation can be achieved by both columns without changing the separation condition consequently analysis time reduces to one third.


Totally porous and high durable column

SunArmor can be used at pH range of a mobile phase between 2 to 12. This shows same durability compared with a hybrid C18 column.


Furthermore SunArmor C18 shows better shape for acidic, basic pH and metal chelating compounds than the other hybrid C18 because of little residual silanol groups.


Totally porous column

Sunniest series achieved the perfect end-capping by own end-capping method developed.


This column achieves high durability under acidic and basic pH conditions by the deactivation of residual silanol groups with an operational pH range from 1 to 10 and temperature up to 80®C.


Sunniest columns have narrow particle size distribution with unique HMODTS bonding ensuring sharp peaks. Also these columns have effective control and restriction for Silanol contribution with rejuvenation of ion exchange capacity.


We provide wide choice of column dimensions in Sunniest series.


Totally porous column

It is HPLC column series with a different selectivity compared to a conventional end-capped column.


Sunrise C18-SAC column has advantage of effective silanol groups with high adsorption activity. The new separation mechanism including hydrogen bond and ion-exchange interaction. This columns are ideal for separation of a basic compound and a polar compound.


Activity controlled silanol group’s leads unique separation which cannot be achieved by a conventional end-capped C18.

Sunniest ECO

Sunniest ECO

Sunniest EcoTotally porous column HPLC Columns series with trifunctional silyl bonding and having minimal residual silanol groups with an operational pH range from 1 to 10 and temperature up to 80®C.


Sunniest ECO columns are having double end capping with TMS with low tailing peak profile and shows excellent batch to batch reproducibility.



Guard filter / Guard column:


RP Guard Filter


Low pressure loss and low dead volume guard filter that consists of monolithic glass filter bonded with C18 and end-capped.


The filter is made of porous glass sized 4 mm inner diameter and 4 mm thickness.


S.No Column Group Chemistry USP Name pH Temp Length Inner Dia Particle Size
1 Sunniest ECO C8 L7 pH 1-10 80 ˚C 150 mm 4.6 mm
    C18 L1     250mm 4.6mm
    Phenyl L11          
2 Sunniest C8 L7 pH 1-10 80 ˚C 20 mm 2 mm 3 µ
    C18 L1     30 mm 2.1mm 5 µ
    Phenyl L11     50 mm 3 mm  sub 2 µ
    PFP L43     75 mm 4.6 mm  
            100 mm 10 mm  
            150 mm 20 mm  
            250 mm    
3 Sun Shell C8 L7 pH 1-10 80 ˚C 50 mm 2 mm 2.6  µ
    C18 L1     75 mm 3 mm 5 µ
    Phenyl L11     100 mm 4.6 mm  sub 2 µ
    PFP L43     150 mm 10 mm  
    Aqua L62     250 mm 20 mm  
    HILIC- Amid L3          
4 Sun Armor C18 L1 pH 2-12 80 ˚C 50 mm 2 mm 3 µ
    100% Aqua L62     75 mm 3 mm 5 µ
            100 mm 4.6 mm  
            150 mm 10 mm  
            250 mm 20 mm  
5 Guard Column C8            


Other Products:

  • Solvent Degassers and recyclers.
  • Ferrules, Nuts, Peeks and fittings.