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Bkfld-Eng-int-main-lobbyBrookfield Engineering Laboratories has long been considered the World Standard in Viscosity Measurement and Control. From the original Synchro-electric Viscometer to today's sophisticated DV-III Ultra Rheometer, the Brookfield name is synonymous with quality, dependability and reliability. In recent years, we have added the addition of texture analysis equipment to our line of products. This axial testing capability enhances Brookfield's existing product line by providing more flexibility in solving the rheological and texture measurement needs of our customers.

For over 80 years Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has been the world's leading manufacturer of Viscometers and Rheometers for laboratory and on-line process control applications. The reputation of the Brookfield viscometer is built on more than just a superior scientific principle. When you use a Brookfield, you are joining thousands of people who have made it a World Standard of viscosity measurement. There are more Brookfield viscometers used in industries worldwide than any other viscometer. Your associates, suppliers or customers probably own a Brookfield. Many Society and Industrial specifications describe the use of a Brookfield viscometer. Laboratory Viscometers and Rheometers include Dial Reading (Analog) and Digital Display Model of which several are Programmable. On-line Process Control Viscometers include Probe, In-Tank, In-Line and flow through models.

All Brookfield viscometers employ the well-known principle of rotational viscometry; they measure viscosity by sensing the torque required to rotate a spindle at constant speed while immersed in a fluid. The torque is proportional to the viscous drag on the immersed spindle, and thus to the viscosity of the fluid.

Product Profile

DV2T™ Viscometer

5-inch Full Color

Touch Screen Display

  • New User Interface
  • Enhanced Controls
  • Real Time Trend Indicator
  • Supports Multiple Languages

Displayed Info:

  • Viscosity (cP or mPa•s)
  • Temperature (°C or °F)
  • Shear Rate/Stress
  • % Torque
  • Speed/Spindle
  • Step Program Status

Enhanced Security

  • Customizable User Access
  • Date and Time Stamp File
  • Password Access
  • Portable Log-in Settings

Built-in Options

  • Timed Tests
  • Data Averaging
  • Programmable QC Limits/Alarms
  • Customizable Speed/Spindle Lists
  • Test Based User Instructions
  • On Screen Data Comparison

Auto Range Showing

  • Maximum viscosity measured with Spindle/Speed combination

USB PC Interface provides optional computer control and automatic data gathering capability

Convenient Bubble Level

Download custom test programs

with PG Flash Software (included with instrument)

Accuracy: ±1.0% of range

  • Displayed with test data

Repeatability: ±0.2%

Built-in RTD Temperature Probe

Internal Data Storage: 150 MB



SPEEDS (200 available)

MODEL Min. Max. RPM Number of Increments
DV2TLV 1† 6M .1-200 200
DV2TRV 100†† 40M .1-200 200
DV2THA 200†† 80M .1-200 200
DV2THB 800†† 320M .1-200 200


DV2T Extra

The “Extra” combines all the versatile viscosity testing capabilities of a DV2T with time and money-saving features such as a durable ball bearing suspension system, EZ-lock spindle coupling, quick action lab stand and free rheocalc T software.

MODEL Min. Max. RPM Number of Increments
DV2TLV Extra 1† 6M .1-200 200
DV2TRV Extra 100†† 40M .1-200 200
DV2THA Extra 200†† 80M .1-200 200
DV2THB Extra 800†† 320M .1-200 200


DV1™ Viscometer

User Configuration Display

  • User choice of most important parameter is displayed in larger font size
  • Choice of static or scrolling display mode

Displayed Info:

  • Viscosity (cP, P, mPa•s, Pa•s)
  • % Torque
  • Speed/Spindle
  • Temperature (°C or °F)

if RTD Temperature Probe is purchased

Choice of Multiple Languages

English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

USB PC interface for use with optional Wingather SQ Software

18 speeds

provide great range capability

Optional RTD Temperature Probe DVP-94Y

Direct access

to time measurement function (time to torque, time to temperature, time to stop)

Accuracy: ±1.0% of range

Repeatability: ±0.2%

Temperature off-set

  • capability to ±5°C

Automatic Range Calculation:

  • Full Scale Range (FSR) at 100%
  • Maximum viscosity measured with Spindle/Speed combination


MODEL Min. Max. RPM Number of Increments
LVDV-IP 1* 2M .3-100 18
RVDV-IP 100 13M .3-100 18
HADV-IP 200 26M .3-100 18
HBDV-IP 800 104M .3-100 18


DV-E™ Viscometer

No calculations required

  • Direct reading of viscosity in cP or mPa•s

Displayed Info:

  • Viscosity (cP or mPa•s)
  • % Torque
  • Speed/Spindle


  • Flip a switch
  • Turn a knob


  • Selection

Flip to “Speed”

  • Turn the knob
  • Choose RPM

Flip to “Spindle”

  • Turn the knob
  • Choose spindle

Auto Range

  • push for determining full scale range (FSR) viscosity

18 Speeds for complete range capability

Accuracy: ±1.0% of range

Repeatability: ±0.2%




MODEL Min. Max. RPM Number of Increments
LVDV-E 1† 2M .3-100 18
RVDV-E 100†† 13M .3-100 18
HADV-E 200†† 26M .3-100 18
HBDV-E 800†† 104M .3-100 18


Viscosity Standards

Brookfield Viscosity Standards provide a convenient, reliable way to verify the calibration of your Brookfield Laboratory Viscometer/Rheometer. Brookfield Viscosity Standards are

Silicone Viscosity Standards

  • These fluids are most commonly used to verify calibration of Brookfield Viscometers/Rheometers.
  • Accuracy: ±1% of viscosity value
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Recommended for use with Brookfield and most other rotational viscometers
  • Most economical
  • Special viscosity values and temperature calibrations available upon request

Newtonian, and they are available as either silicone or oil. Silicone fluids are less temperature sensitive than oil fluids.

Note: Brookfield recommends that all fluids be replaced annually


General Purpose Silicone Fluids


Brookfield Part # Nominal Viscosity cP (mPa•s) Temp °C
5 cps 5 25.0°C
10 cps 10 25.0°C
50 cps 50 25.0°C
100 cps 100 25.0°C
500 cps 500 25.0°C
1000 cps 1,000 25.0°C
5000 cps 5,000 25.0°C
12500 cps 12,500 25.0°C
30000 cps 30,000 25.0°C
60000 cps 60,000 25.0°C
100000cps 100,000 25.0°C


High Temperature Silicone Fluids


Brookfield Part # Nominal Viscosity cP (mPa•s) Temp °C Temp °F
HT30000 30,000 25.0°C 77°F
9,000 93.3°C 200°F
4,500 149.0°C 300°F
HT60000 60,000 25.0°C 77°F
18,000 93.3°C 200°F
9,000 149.0°C 300°F
HT100000 100,000 25.0°C 77°F
30,000 93.3°C 200°F
15,000 149.0°C 300°F



Circulating Temperature Baths

 Choosing the Controller

AP Series Controllers

  • Color touch-screen interface
  • Standalone programmable or PC control with RheocalcT software
  • Variable-speed pump
  • temperature up to 200°C
  • Multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese available)
  • Built-in help menu

SD Series Controllers

  • Best value
  • Programmable with PC control using RheocalcT software
  • Quick scroll to set temperature in standalone mode
  • 2-speed pump
  • Maximum temperature up to 170°C

MX Series Controllers

  • Economical
  • Large character display
  • Single
  • speed pump
  • Maximum temperature up to 135°C


Model Temp.Low Range Temp.High Range Temp. Stability+ Reservoir Capacity
TC-650AP -20oC +200oC 0.01oC 7.0 ltrs
TC-650SD -20oC +170oC 0.04oC 7.0 ltrs
TC-650MX -20oC +135oC 0.07oC 7.0 ltrs
TC-550AP -20oC +200oC 0.01oC 7.0 ltrs
TC-550SD -20oC +170oC 0.04oC 7.0 ltrs
TC-550MX -20oC +135oC 0.07oC 7.0 ltrs
TC-250AP* -20oC +150oC 0.01oC 10.0 ltrs
TC-250SD* -20oC +150oC 0.04oC 10.0 ltrs
TC-250MX* -20oC +135oC 0.07oC 10.0 ltrs
TC-150AP* -20oC +150oC 0.01oC 6.0 ltrs
TC-150MX* -20oC +150oC 0.04oC 6.0 ltrs
TC-351* -20oC +135oC 0.07oC 6.0 ltrs


  • For use at low temperatures, use the built-in tap water cooling or use model TC-351 cooler for control to -20oC
  • Tap water connection required
  • Temperature stability may vary depending on bath volume, surface area, insulation and type of fluid