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Biotechnology is technology based on biology, especially when used in agriculture, food science,and medicine. Biotechnology is often used to refer to genetic engineering technology of the 21st century, however the term encompasses a wider range and history of procedures for modifying biological organisms according to the needs of humanity, going back to the initial modifications of native plants into improved food crops through artificial selection and hybridization. Bioengineering is the science upon which all Biotechnological applications are based. With the development of new approaches and modern techniques, traditional biotechnology industries are also acquiring new horizons enabling them to improve the quality of their products and increase the productivity of their systems. Biotechnology combines disciplines like genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology and cell biology, which are in turn linked to practical disciplines like chemical engineering, information technology, and robotics.


Principals Represented

Uvitec, UK

Founded in Cambridge in 1996, UVItec is an independent supplier of high quality fluorescent gel and chemiluminescence documentation and analysis systems, plus a wide range of ultraviolet light sources and equipment.


Product Profile Include

  •  Gel Documentation
  • Chemiluminescence’s Imaging
  • UVI soft imaging quantification software
  • TLC documentation systems



Plas - Labs, USA

Plas-Labs is an internationally leading Company involved in Acrylic containment and isolation technology Products such as Glove Boxes and Anaerobic Chambers, Animal Care and Animal Research Products.

Product Profile Include

  •  Glove Boxes
  • Anaerobic Chambers
  • PCR (UV) Chambers
  • Rodent Equipment



Arctiko, Denmark

ARCTIKO is probably the most innovative cold chain manufacturer in the world. We have an absolute passion for what we do. Our aim is to create products with technology foresight and to be competitive in quality and prices. We have experienced a tremendous growth in the last few years, not only in the field of research for best solutions, but we also offer easy and accessible servicing. We are confident that our concepts and ways of working are the reason for our success.


We are convinced that we can become the global market leaders in the life of science segment,because we have the courage to think big and new, and we are proud to be a manufacturing service company which puts the customer in focus, and together, try to find custom made solutions that work. Over 90 countries all over the world are choosing  to distribute our products because we are committed to use our knowledge and initiatives.


We enjoy making a difference, not only with the single compressor technology, but also with our dedication in creating the best for both our customers and the environment: we have now one of the lowest energy consumption range of freezers in the world.


ARCTIKO is the art of simplicity, because creating solutions for you, is that simple.


Deep Freezers up to -150 Deg C

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators