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Analytical chemistry is the science that seeks ever improved means of measuring the chemical composition of natural and artificial materials. Chemical composition is the entire picture (composition) of the material at the chemical scale and includes geometric features such as molecular morphologies and distributions of species within a sample as well as single dimensional features such as percent composition and species identity. The analytical results enabled by analytical chemistry have played critical roles in science from the understanding of basic science to a variety of practical applications, such as biomedical applications, environmental monitoring, quality control of industrial manufacturing and Forensic Science.


Principals Represented

Perkin Elmer, USA

A long-time leader in the scientific community, PerkinElmer has a rich history of innovation. For over seventy years, our company has made major scientific industry-defining strides in human and environmental health through cutting-edge technology, key acquisitions and strategic partnerships.



  • Diagnostics
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Food quality and safety
  • Industrial applications
  • Life science research and discovery
  • Medical imaging and therapeutic lighting
  • Safety and security

Products Include

  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • ICP- Spectrometer
  • ICP-Mass Spectrometer
  • FT-IR Spectrometer
  • Gas Chromatography
  • HPLC Analyzers
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Thermo gravimetric Analyzer



Memmert, GERMANY

Memmert, Germany is more than 65 years old company, who are experts in THERMOSTATICS.


Now in 3rd Generation, Memmert has been developing and producing thermal ovens as well as water- and oilbaths at two locations in southern Germany for a wide range of applications, including the fields of:


  • Industrial material and component testing
  • Biological, chemical and food research
  • Wide-ranging quality tests in sophisticated production processes
  • Human and veterinary medicine

Our Sales & product development department is in constant contact with users, and likes to take a wider view of things when offering technical innovations.

In over 120 countries all over the world, hundreds of thousands of Memmert products have been permanently in use for decades. This is why Memmert is one of the leading suppliers of temperature control appliances worldwide.


Product Profile


Cooled Incubators


Stability Chambers

Constant Climatic Chambers

Co2 Incubators

Water Bath

Vacuum Ovens



Waters Corporation, Austria

Waters creates business advantages for laboratory-dependent organizations by delivering practical and sustainable scientific innovation to enable significant advancement in healthcare delivery, environmental management, food safety, and water quality. For nearly fifty years, Waters has helped customers make profound discoveries, optimize operations, deliver product performance, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Product Profile

  • Liquid Chromatography
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Analytical & Preparative Columns
  • Sample Vilas & Plates
  • Bioseparation Products & Columns



Nabertherm, Germany


Made in Germany

Nabertherm with worldwide exposure have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for many different applications for over 60 years. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm offers the widest and deepest range of furnaces worldwide. 150,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 countries offer proof of our commitment to excellent design, quality and cost efficiency. Short delivery times are ensured due to our complete inhouse production and our wide variety of standard furnaces.


Setting Standards in Quality and Reliability

Nabertherm does not only offer the widest range of standard furnaces. Professional engineering in combination with inhouse manufacturing provide for individual project planning and construction of tailor-made thermal process systems with material handling and charging systems. Complete thermal processes are realized by customized system solutions.


Innovative Nabertherm control technology provides for precise control as well as full documentation and remote monitoring of your processes. Our engineers apply state-of-the-art technology to improve the temperature uniformity, energy efficiency, reliability and durability of our systems with the goal of enhancing your competitive edge.


Product Profile

Laboratory Muffle Furnaces upto 1800 deg C

Ovens and Chamber Furnaces

Tube Furnaces

TGA Analyzers

Process Control Documentation



Brookfield, USA

For over 80 years Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has been the world's leading manufacturer of Viscometers and Rheometers for laboratory and on-line process control applications. The reputation of the Brookfield viscometer is built on more than just a superior scientific principle. When you use a Brookfield, you are joining thousands of people who have made it a World Standard of viscosity measurement. There are more Brookfield viscometers used in industries worldwide than any other viscometer. Laboratory Viscometers and Rheometers include Dial Reading (Analog) and Digital Display Model of which several are Programmable. On-line Process Control Viscometers include Probe, In-Tank, In-Line and flow through models.


All Brookfield viscometers employ the well-known principle of rotational viscometry; they measure viscosity by sensing the torque required to rotate a spindle at constant speed while immersed in a fluid. The torque is proportional to the viscous drag on the immersed spindle, and thus to the viscosity of the fluid.


Products Profile

  • Viscometers
  • Rheometers
  • Texture Analyzer
  • Water Bath shakers
  • Viscosity Standards



Reagecon, Ireland

Reagecon is one of the largest producers of Physical and Chemical Standards and Reagents. Reagecon occupies a unique position in  terms of range, scope, breadth and depth of products offered. Techniques, technologies and scientific disciplines covered include  Standards, Reagents and Reference Materials for the following:


  • Electrochemical Standards
  • Physical
  • Organic
  • Inorganic
  • Physicochemical
  • Dissolution
  • Petrochemical/Biofuels
  • Buffered Eluents

Reagecon is also a distributor of laboratory apparatus and consumables. Reagecon is proud to be a partner company and shareholder in a large German based purchasing company called LLG (Laboratory Logistics Group). This partnership affords Reagecon access to over 60,000 products (laboratory consumables and apparatus)



Cecil Instruments, UK

Cecil Instruments are leading designers and manufacturers of scientific instruments including spectroscopy and chromatography instruments and systems. The Cecil range of UV/Visible spectrophotometers includes models designed for student teaching, routine analysis, quality control applications and research grade high performance spectrophotometers using advanced optical design and ultra sensitive photo-multiplier detectors. Instruments are available for a wide range of industry specific applications, for example, water analysis, food and beverage analysis, DNA and RNA analysis, life science and molecular biology related methods and reflectance measurements. A wide range of pharmaceutical applications including complete tablet dissolution systems using either single beam or double beam spectrophotometers and tablet dissolution baths are available.


Product Profile Includes

  • UV-Vis Spectrometers
  • HPLC Analyzers
  • Reflectance Measurement Spectrometer
  • Analyzers for Different Applications



IKA Works, Germany

Over the last few decades IKA® has built a reputation as a leading innovator for dispersers and laboratory systems. Our high-quality stirrers and mixers are widely used.


Products Profile

  • Magnetic Stirrers
  • Overhead Stirrers
  • Incubator Shakers
  • Orbital Shakers
  • Dispersers
  • Mills/ Grinders
  • Hot Plates
  • Electronic Contact Thermometers
  • Rotary Evaporators
  • Bomb-Calorimeter
  • General Lab Equipments



Hanna Instruments, USA

For over thirty-five years, Hanna has prided itself in being a world leader in innovation of analytical instrumentation. Headed by our team at the home office, Hanna’s research and development department constantly challenge themselves to invent new testing techniques and to advance existing technology. The minds at Hanna work to achieve the common goal of simplifying analytical testing through improving instrumentation, sensor development, reagents and chemicals in Electrochemistry division.


Hanna’s headquarters is located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA. This facility also houses our primary research and development center and technical training facility as well as the primary sales and technical service office for the USA.


Hanna Design and Manufacturing

In a short time, Hanna has reached its target to produce all of its instrumentation in-house. The facility is equipped to support all phases of production such as product research and design, plastic injection molding, electronic assembly, glass blowing for electrodes, standards production and final assembly of product. Hanna oversees all aspects of its products from conception to the final quality check and packaging.


After continuous validation and testing, Hanna products undergo a final quality check before they are packaged and released to consumers.


In-house production affords Hanna the freedom to efficiently bring new and innovative products to market while continuously improving the quality and features of existing products to meet the needs of customers.



All Hanna products are in compliance with CE directives and our production facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Products Profile

  • pH/ORPers
  • Conductivity/TDS Meters
  • DO Meters
  • Refractometers
  • Turbidity Meters
  • Multiparameter Testers